Outdoor Research 男裝Ferrosi 長袖襯衣

$ 0
Sage Green 軍綠色
Shade 灰藍色

FERROSI 軟殼服裝系列
Outdoor Research 其中一個暢銷系列,FERROSI物料由尼龍和Spandex彈性纖維組成,不單展現出擋風潑水透氣快乾特性,早晚穿著得到基本保暖功能,適合在日夜溫差大的日子穿著。而且尼龍提供比一般服裝較高耐磨性,Spandex彈性纖維讓衣物保持彈性,是追求高機動靈活性和耐磨保護用家如攀岩和動態射擊運動員的理想選擇!
男裝Ferrosi 長袖襯衣
物料:86%尼龍、14%Spandex 90D 彈性十字彈性纖維
顏色:pewter, sage 和 shade


Helikon-Tex Tactical T-shirt TopCool
What makes an ordinary T-Shirt into a Tactical one? Several points. First: it was made out of Polyester fabric finished with Topcool technology – which means that it wicks the humidity away from the body and dries quickly. Second: it has sleeve-mounted pockets with eyeshade holders. Third: under these pockets are small Velcro panels fit for personalization. Even the HTX logo is embroidered discreetly at the bottom of the shirt, to allow the user to remove it if needed. Just choose your color and use away.
  $ 225
Helikon-Tex Organic Cotton T-shirt Slim
Organic Cotton T-Shirt SLIM is a close-to-the-body cut cotton t-shirt made from organic materials. The addition of elastane guarantees comfort while wearing, and the slim cut will be perfect for multi-layer clothing sets. On cold days, it can be a base layer in combination with Rogue Hoodie or Urban Tactical Hoodie, and in summer and spring it can be worn alone with Greyman Tactical Shorts or Urban Tactical Shorts.
  $ 215
Helikon-Tex ROGUE Hoodie Fullzip, Black
ROGUE Hoodie (FullZip) is a tactical urban hoodie made for military style enthusiasts. The combination of a loose cut and as many as ten pockets makes it easy to carry all the elements of your EDC gear in it.The main pockets have additional organizers that will allow you to properly arrange the equipment and protect it against loss. YKK® zipped chest and shoulder pockets allow for quick and direct access to documents or a small, flat wallet. The use of a tear-resistant ripstop fabric additionally strengthens the panels on the hoodie. The elastic cuffs and the cord-adjustable hood provide temperature comfort on cold days.The hoodie is available in unique color and camouflage combinations, thanks to which it will suit those who like to stand out in the crowd. It will allow you to emphasize your passions while going to the city, shooting range or the gym. Additional velcro panels on the shoulders allow easy personalization.
$ 5025 $ 582
Helikon-Tex Tactical T-Shirt TopCool Lite
New, lighter version of our popular Tactical T-shirt. Thanks to the TopCool technology it wicks humidity and dries quickly, while lower weight and thickness of the fabric provides much more breathability in hot weather or during any activity. Upper sleeve pockets can hold small items and their loops hangers are fit for eyeshades, while soft loop panels would allow easy personalization.
$ 1431 $ 184

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