Condor Grenade Key Chain Pouch

HK$ 0 - 156
Black 黑色
Olive Drab 軍綠色
Coyote Brown 狼棕色
Slate 灰色

Great gift for all your friends. We designed the grende pouch as a carry-all for small items you might take with you to the range, gym, or general outdoor. Even though you might have a keyring or pre-assembled carabiner, we know that you'd definitely like to accessorize to match the rest of your gear.

  • Zippered access pouch 
  • Round carabiner 
  • Holds up to five keys 
  • Zippered change pocket
  • Overall dimensions: 4" tall x 2" diameter 
  • Available in: Olive Drab (001), Black (002), Slate (027) and Coyote Brown (498)


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