The MASKSAVER 可重用口罩, 透明版 30日裝

HK$ 68

The MASKSAVER可重用口罩使用食品級環保物料,口罩的外部使用兩層食品級塑膠製成,無毒無害,可多次使用,且每天簡單使用消毒噴霧或清洗即可。口罩中層有兩方格位置放置阻隔微粒/細菌的濾芯,現時採用歐盟EN-149 FFP2 級(即是過濾微粒達94%或以上) 或 國標 GB2626 KN95 級(即是過濾微粒達95%或以上)同級濾芯,建議每天使用後更換一次。如每天更換一對濾芯,可使用 30 日。
The MASKSAVER reusable mask is manufactured using food-safe material. The shell of the mask is made by 2 layers of food-safe plastic which harmless and reusable with simple daily cleaning with water or disinfection spray. 2 filters equivalent to EN-149 FFP2(filter particles up to 94% or more)/GB2626 KN95(filter particles up to 95% or more) standard are placed in 2 square-shaped cavities. Upon daily replacement of the filter, the mask can be used for up to 30 days .

顏色: 半透明(跟灰色掛耳帶)

Product includes:1 reusable mask60 pieces of filter for replacement1 pair of tweezers2 ear rope1 set of foam nose pad & foam cheek pads
Color option: Translucent (with grey ear ropes)


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