Virtus Astraes Jacket

HK$ 1592
Jet Black

If you’re a true warrior, you need a reliable armor to keep you protected against the chaos the world throws at you… 

This is why we’ve created the Astreas, the world's first tactical jacket exclusively designed by operators & extreme athletes. 
We’ve spent years developing a fabric that has the perfect balance between durability and dexterity, not too light (which would make it too fragile for adventures) nor too heavy (which would make it too stiff to move in) 
Then, bringing our jackets to life by threading the fabric together with reinforced stitching, we’re creating an ultra-durable composition of a jacket, that won’t scuff up or get those annoying seam holes when you bring it into action. 
Finally, we coat every strand of yarn in the jackets down to the molecular level with our in-house VirTech™ formula, to guarantee water- & windproofness that is going to last for life. 
Essentially, this is more than a jacket. 
We want you to defy the elements, unleash your inner warrior and guide you towards victory on any mission you partake in! 
It’s your second skin for whenever you’re going on adventures & battles. 
And by battle-testing the Astreas in ALL environments from tundras to deserts, we’re convinced that you’ll be able to do so. 
If not, you’re entitled to a full refund, no questions asked. 
This is merely the composition of the Astreas, check out all the other benefits: 
  • VirTech™ Molecular-Level Fabric Treatment 
  • Extreme Durability Combats The Toughest Abrasion 
  • Unmatched Dexterity Providing Full 360° Movement 
  • Lifetime Guaranteed Water- & Windproofing 
  • Back & Armpit Vents Regulating Core Body Temperature 
  • Fully Breathable Fabric 
  • 7 Gear Concealing Compartments 
  • Dual-Bonded Insulation Keeping You Warm Below Freezing 
  • Patented 3D Camouflage Increasing Stealth 
Men's 90% Polyester 10% Spandex, 290 GSM


Helinox Tactical Sunset Chair
Helinox Tactical Sunset Chair是終極便攜式露營椅。一個可以隨身攜帶的大躺椅!準備好幾個小時的舒適與全高度的背部。 Helinox Tactical Sunset Chair 座椅採用 DAC 鋁桿和自定位減震繩技術,無論何時您想要極致的坐姿舒適度。
HK$ 1523 HK$ 1218
Mystery Ranch Big BOP
Mystery Ranch Big Bop 是一款高品質的肩背包,適合戶外活動、旅行和日常使用。該背包採用耐用的材料製成,具有多個收納口袋和調節式肩帶,可舒適地攜帶重物。如果您正在尋找一款耐用、實用的背包,Mystery Ranch Big Bop 將是您的不二之選。
HK$ 495 HK$ 299
Mystery Ranch SKA
SKA 單肩包是 A5 的最新演變,仍然是日常或全球旅行的最好收納肩帶袋。
HK$ 540 HK$ 339

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