Aimpoint Acro P-1 Red dot sight

Item No. 200504 nAiming dot size: 3.5 MOA nBattery type: 3V lithium battery, type CR1225 nBattery life - Day time use: 1.5 years (15 000h) of continuous use at pos. 6 and more than 8 years at NVD-setting

HK$ 4112

 The Aimpoint® Acro P-1 is developed for use on pistols and other weapon platforms requiring a small enclosed red dot system. It is the only sight in its size category fully tested for shock, vibration, temperature span and other environmental stress. The Acro P-1 is the only professional grade enclosed system in its size on the market. Tested with 20 000 rounds on a .40 S&W caliber pistol slide, this small optic has proven to lead in ruggedness and reliability in its category. The Acro P-1 can be used as a backup sight for magnifying scopes, personal defense weapons, and any area where a small red dot system is applicable.
The  Acro P-1 can be used on a wide range of weapon platforms in combination with different mounting solutions developed especially for this small red dot optic. 
The solutions now available are: 
  • quick detachable mounts for Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 Rail system/Picatinny rail, 
  • a wide range of different adapter plates for optic ready pistols, 
  • and an adapter plate for Micro interface that allows compatibility with all Micro sights mounting solutions.
  • Optimized for pistol and applications which require a low profile red dot system 
  • The only professional grade fully enclosed system in its size on the market 
  • Designed for direct integration onto optic ready pistol slides 
  • 1.5 years battery operation on position 6 of 10 
  • Battery installation while optic is still mounted on weapon 
  • 3.5 MOA 
  • NVD compatible 
  • Submersible to a depth of 25 m (82 ft) 
  • Temperature span -45°C to +71°C (-49°F to +160°F)
Operating principle: Reflex collimator sight with LED 
Optical magnification: 1x 
Aiming dot size: 3.5 MOA 
Dot intensity: Visible against a background luminance of 0.1 to 55 000 lx 
Optical signature: No optical signature is visible at 10 meter distance, front side, on appropriate settings with NVD 
Dot color: Peak Wavelength: 655 ± 15 nm 
NVD compatible: Yes 
Optical coating: Anti-reflex, all surfaces and high transmission. NVD Compatible. 
Clear aperture: 16 × 16 mm (0.63 × 0.63 in) 
Eye relief: Unlimited
Battery type: 3V lithium battery, type CR1225 
Battery life - Day time use: 1.5 years (15 000h) of continuous use at pos. 6 and more than 8 years at NVD-setting 
Power intensity: 4 NVD and 6 Daylight, of which 1 extra bright
Length sight only: 47 mm (1.9 in) 
Width sight only: 30 mm (1.2 in) 
Height sight only: 30 mm (1.2 in) 
Weight sight only (incl battery): 60 g (2.1 oz) 
Housing material: High strength aluminum 
Housing finish and color: Matte black 
Housing anodized: Yes 
Surface treatment: Hard anodized, matte black 
Adjustment: Range ±1 m at 100 meters (±1 yds at 100 yds) in windage and elevation, 1 click = 17 mm at 100 meters = .6 in at 100 yds
Temperature range operation: -45°C to +71°C (-49°F to +160°F) 
Temperature range storage: -51°C to +71°C (-60°F to +160°F) 
Temperature shock: Operable after a temperature shock between -45°C and +71°C (-49°F and +160°F) 
Humidity: Operable during and after Humidity. Limits: RH: 95%, Temp: +20°C to +50°C (+68°F to +122°F), cyclic 
Submersible: To a depth of 25 m (82 ft.) 
Shock: Tested with 20,000 rounds on a .40 S&W caliber pistol slide 
Vibration: Withstands vibration. Limits: Vibration, sinusoidal in a frequency range of 10-150 Hz. Frequency: 10-30 Hz, ±1.587 mm, Frequency: 30-150 Hz. 5.75 g, 1 octave/min. Direction: X, Y and Z, Time: 30 min/direction 
Chemical resistance: Withstands occasional contamination by weapons cleaners, lubricants, fuels and insect repellents.


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