TCI Liberator Hp 2.0 Hearing Protection

HK$ 2340

購買滿$500 (不包括商品: Mystery Ranch Hover Pack 50, Ivy, Mystery Ranch Hover Pack 40 Women's, Deep Sea, Mystery Ranch Hover Pack 40, Deep Sea), 免運費


OD Green 軍綠色
Black/Red 黑/紅
Flat Dark 啡色
Over the Head Suspension


The Liberator® HP headset is the next generation in electronic hearing protection, offering crisp, clear audio in a durable, scratch-resistant, slim earcup.
The Liberator HP provides enhanced hearing protection in all environments, including those with impulse/gunfire noise and high-decibel, constant background audio. The wearer is protected while advanced sound localization allows for maximum situational awareness and sound detection.
The glass polymer, injection-molded, slim earcups provide excellent durability and is the base earcup for the Liberator IV and V headsets. The Liberator HP can be sent in and converted (for an additional charge) into either a single or dual comm headset. Once the headset has been converted to a Liberator IV or V, a Push-to-Talk (PTT) can also be purchased separately and added to the system.
This product is ANSI Certified but does not yet have CE Certification for our European customers.
*It is recommended to remove the batteries when storing the headset or when the headset is not in use.
**If purchasing a helmet mounting option, the behind-the-head system is also included.
First of its kind multi-mode adjustability providing Active Noise Reduction (ANR), Active Noise Cancellation and both simultaneously
3 Distinct hearing protection modes:
ENHANCED MODE Blocks dangerous impulse noise, while enhancing nearby speech and audio
MOVE MODE Blocks all external noise
CLARITY MODE Blocks all external noise, while enhancing nearby speech and audio
Industry-leading sound localization for maximum situational awareness and sound detection
Slim earcup design layered with sound barrier technology
High-definition speakers with enhanced electronics
Speed-change battery compartment works with either two AAA batteries or one CR123 battery
160-300 hour run time (mode dependent)
Noise reduction rating (NRR) of 26dB
Easily converts to behind-the-head or helmet mount suspension (purchased separately)
Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA


Mystery Ranch Big BOP
BIG BOP 最初設計為僅作為單肩包佩戴,現在擴大了它的選擇範圍。 肩帶、主包上的 MOLLE 附件,或將其固定到您選擇的連接點。 單手 One Drop 快速調節肩帶讓您可以單手快速調整背包。
HK$ 495 HK$ 338
Mystery Ranch SKA
SKA 單肩包是 A5 的最新演變,仍然是日常或全球旅行的最好收納肩帶袋。帶有一體式防水拉鍊蓋保護主隔層。隱藏的拉鍊口袋位於蓋子後面。內部組織允許在主口袋空間中通過兩個拉鍊隔層分隔。主帶上的單手帶扣調節允許單手操作。
HK$ 540 HK$ 398

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