Thermacell Backpacker 戶外驅蚊器 (另附兩包各12片專用驅蚊片)

HK$ 698

  • 有效驅趕致病蚊蟲及蠓
  • 保護15尺內所有人
  • 無色無味,無需接觸皮膚,對人畜無害
  • 通用耗材,搭配高山氣罐使用
  • 高能源效益,110克高山氣罐可用80小時
  • 輕便易攜,僅重113克
  • 隨包裝附送3片專用驅蚊片,另附有2包各12片專用驅蚊片,總共27片


Helikon-Tex Outdoor Bottle 1 Litre
The Outdoor Bottle has the capacity of 1000 ml of liquids. It is made of BPA-free Tritan™ that does not interfere with water and does not change its flavor. Apart from that it's a highly durable material that withstands low and high temperatures from -10 up to 90°C. Wide mouth prevents the liquid from freezing easily, makes it possible to draw water from any source and fix meals by stirring. The bottle has an integrated seal mounted in the cap.The Outdoor Bottle 1000 ml is compatible with other Helikon-Tex products: the Camp Cup and the Essential Kitbag ®.
  HK$ 180
Helikon-Tex Lightsticks 6"
Disposable lightstick is a light source comprising of a plastic container containing two isolated fluids (one in a glass capsule), which when mixed start to glow. To activate the light, just bend the plastic container until the glass capsule is crushed.Lighting time: about 7 hours. 
  HK$ 22
Helinox Snow Basket Set, Black (2 PIECES)
Helinox Snow Basket Set是一款戶外用品附件,專為Helinox登山杖系列而設計。
  HK$ 50

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